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We bring you the latest innovations from longevity research into cosmetics


As leading laboratories, we are working closely with academic researchers in order to develop new patented formulas that incorporate the latest discoveries from life extension (Longevity) studies into cosmetics.


We know that as a distributor you have needs that are tailored to your territory. We therefore provide you with a full service package: full training of staff, tailor-made prices, market suitable range of products and formulas.


Our wide range of mesotherapy and anti aging products provides solutions for various skin problems, and have been proven efficient and popular among professionals.

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Professional and home care patented line of cosmetical products

If you could live 20 years more,
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About Us

As life expectancy grows, people want to live longer, and look younger. We want to help them.

We work hard to bring you (to) the future

HIKARI Laboratories was established in 2008 to answer a growing need for efficient non-invasive aesthetic treatments.The company’s main focus is on transferring discoveries from the research on longevity into cosmetics. In this way the company is targeting cosmetic products with novel properties such as health and age reversing benefits. This activity puts the company in the forefront of scientific research and in a position of world leader.




About NR



Some kind words from our distributors

  • My clients are very picky. They can spot poor quality right away. So i was very glad to find this range of effective products, and keep them happy!


    CEO of Dolores OU, Estonia

    Importation and distribution of goods to the Ukraine is not very simple. HIKARI were extremely helpful and attentive to our special needs.


    Etalon Krasy, Owner, Ukraine

The patent


  • The patented formula was developed in The Hebrew University, under the maticulous care of scientists prof. Gelman, Dr. Zoabi and Dr. Zeira.

    The invention is about living healthier and hopefully longer. We found a way to create the revolutionary molecule Nicotinamide Riboside (NR)- which until now was used in food supplements- within a skin-care product and stabilize it in micro capsules using a special new technique.

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