Intensive regenerating tonic

As the final stage of cleansing, it gently soothes your skin and restores its natural pH level. Contains an exclusive anti-aging formula, as well as a complex of plant extracts that have a powerful toning, softening and moisturizing effect. It is used prior to subsequent care products.

CAMELLIA SINENSIS EXTRACT- Reduces swelling and saturates the cells with oxygen, stimulates the blood circulation, and strengthens the walls of your blood vessels.

ALLANTOIN- From the roots of the Alpine comfrey – has a hypoallergenic, soothing, and anti-edema effect. It accelerates the healing process, relieves local inflammation, and enhances the protective properties of your skin.

CAMOMILE EXTRACT- Has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on your skin. It improves your blood circulation and normalizes the metabolism processes in your skin.

Apply twice a day with a cotton pad. Can be used as an additional tonic throughout the day.
250ml, 500ml
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