Cream for lightening pigment spots

The cream is targeting specific pigmentation (age pigment spots; post-acne; dermatological effects of interventions like peels and laser treatments). The active complex of ingredients with lightening properties affects different stages of melanin synthesis, reduces hyper-pigmentation, and prevents the formation of new pigment spots.

ALPHA-ARBUTIN- Effectively removes the dark spots and prevents the emergence of new ones.

SEPIWHITE- An innovative lightening complex based on amino acids. It effectively stops the melanin production and gently brightens up your skin and pigment spots.

VC-PMG- A whitening and restorative factor, a newest stable derivative of Vitamin B that is more easily absorbed by the body. Stimulates the collagen synthesis.

In the morning and in the evening, apply onto the pigment spots on your face, décolleté, neck and arms. Make sure you use a coat of SPF30/SPF50 after applying the cream.
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