Therapeutic serum with anti-cellulite care

Ultra-effective serum thanks to peptide complexes and extracts of caffeine, carnitine and rare longan extract that blocks the nutrition of fat cells, prevents the formation of fat deposits, stimulates active «burning» of fat, restores collagen fibers, improves microcirculation, and enhances metabolic processes in stagnant areas.

POWERFUL BIOACTIVE COMPLEX- The combination of L-carnitine, plant extracts and caffeine Accelerates the process of fat “burning” fat, and stimulates the release of energy during physical activity.

BODYFIT COMPLEX- Triggers lipolysis, inhibits the formation of mature fat cells from their precursors. Increases the production of collagen and restores the elasticity of the tissues.

LONGAN EXTRACT- Reduces adipose tissue, saturates the skin with vitamins and minerals, and has a tonic effect.

Apply twice daily, massaging in a circular motion. Recommended for use in 2 month course.
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