Facial peeling cleanser

Effectively removes dead skin cells, gently polishes your skin surface and makes it extremely smooth and radiant. The scrub contains unique ingredients, such as volcanic lava and diatomaceous earth. In addition to non-invasive skin cleansing, they enrich your skin with macro and micro elements, and intensively nourish it.

VOLCANIC LAVA MICROGRANULES- From Hawaii, environmentally friendly ingredients that contain a large amount of minerals and trace elements. They gently remove dead skin cells, and help to eliminate toxins.

DIATOMACEOUS EARTH- From the French coast of Brittany – consists of tiny solid particles placed in the seabed and sea water. It features a high composition of organic and mineral substances. It effectively cleanses
your skin, absorbs the excess sebum, and stimulates the metabolic processes in your skin.

Apply a thick layer onto your damp face, neck and décolleté, leave it for 5 minutes, then massage, and rinse with water. Avoid applying it onto the eye area
250ml, 400ml
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