Super active anti-acne serum

Fortified serum targeting a wide range of Acne problems. Acts to control p-acne germ and the associated pigmentation.
Acts to prevent post-acne scars, prevent the involved fungi and irritation. Active cream for skin prone to acne, acne rashes and post-acne. Relieves inflammation, post-acne symptoms, rosacea, demodicosis.
Enriches cells with oxygen. Effectively copes with p-acne germ, which populates in places of friction of the fabric with the skin.

KOLLAREN- Biomimetic tripeptide that accelerates tissue renewal and the healing process of the skin. Effectively reduces the appearance of acne scars.

DERMASOFT DEKALACT- Natural complex with enhanced antimicrobial properties. It has a 24-hour action against bacteria and fungi.

NIACINAMIDE- Narrows the pores, improves the protective functions of the skin.

RETINOL- Retinol in microcapsules, activates the processes of cell regeneration.

VITAMIN B COMPLEX- Regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands, restores damaged areas.

ALPHA-BISABOLOL- Anti-inflammatory and soothing action, improves overall skin condition.

Apply to cleansed face. After applying the cream, wash your hands thoroughly with water.
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