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Regenerating face mask based on pure retinolRegenerating face mask based on pure retinol

This concentrated mask significantly promotes skin regeneration during the nights of rest, moisturizes your skin, and smooths your skin surface. It instantly softens, providing your skin with a radiant glow, and has a rejuvenating effect. The mask nourishes your skin with important oils and butter.

Apply onto your cleansed face, neck, and décolleté. Leave it overnight and rinse it with warm water in the morning. For an enhanced effect, we recommend that you add 1-2 doses of the mask to your night cream.

  • EXCLUSIVE INCAPSULATED RETINOL – Activated only after direct application onto your skin. It helps to prevent oxidation of your skin and provides a maximum concentration without the loss of active properties throughout the entire period of use. It stimulates the growth and renewal of your skin cells and improves the elasticity and the overall condition of your skin.
  • CUPUAÇU-BUTTER – A true treasure of the Amazon. For thousands of years, it has been used in Indian traditional medicine to treat skin diseases. It stimulates your skin regeneration and has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.
  • GRAPE-SEED OIL – Characterized by a high concentration of omega-6 (referred to as “the youth hormone”). It contains substances that are similar in their structure to the female hormones, and estrogens. Remarkably refreshes and tones your skin.