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HIKARI Laboratories develops, manufactures, and distributes skincare products for the professional cosmetic market. The company is uniquely positioned as a leader in anti-aging products and the emerging market of longevity skin-care. HIKARI Laboratories has teamed up with award-winning scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to create innovative patent based developments in the field of longevity. By taking what is currently available as nutritional supplements into the field of cosmetics, HIKARI Laboratories is bringing anti-aging skin-care to the next generation; rather than skin-care that addresses the symptoms of aging such as wrinkles, sagging skin, pigmentation, HIKARI products offer a real treatment for aging itself. In this activity the company is a pioneer on a global scale.
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HIKARI Laboratories has registered an exclusive patent in the field of preventing aging and extending life expectancy (Longevity), a product of fruitful cooperation between the company’s laboratories and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The discovery is based on the benefits of the revolutionary molecule Nicotinamide Riboside NR known in the field of longevity and also in the ability to improve concentration, metabolism, sleep quality and more.
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