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Returns & Refunds

Did you buy a product at HIKARI?

We are sure you will like the product and hope it suits your needs.
And even if not, no problem. At HIKARI you can cancel your order in a variety of ways:

● By sending a cancellation notice to the website to service@HIKARI.co.il
● By calling customer service at 077-3445274
● By filling out a dedicated cancellation form on the website

Just remember that according to the law in the State of Israel, cancellation of the order is only possible for 14 days. And it is also important to return the product to us intact, before it is used, and in its original packaging.

You can make the return by:

1. Request for collection from the customer’s home – confirm this with HIKARI’s customer service at service@HIKARI.co.il and we will send you a courier to collect the return. This service is subject to a fee.
2. Self-return to our warehouse – at the address: Bnei Atarot, Darech El-Sheshon 34. The time of arrival for the return must be coordinated with our customer service.

And what happens next?

At the end of the return, our customer service will contact you to coordinate the refund. You can choose between:

● Receiving a shopping voucher for the website for 100% of the price you paid for the product, i.e. a full refund.
and between
● A refund to the payment method you used to pay for the product you returned (for example a refund to your credit card), minus 5% (and no more than NIS 100) of the price you paid for the product.

Pay attention!

Unfortunately, we cannot issue a refund for a product that has been returned to us incomplete or not in its original packaging or that has been used. And of course it is not possible to make a refund against a product that was not returned. Also, it is not possible to receive a refund for the shipping expenses, if any, which you paid to receive the product or return it.

If you received a damaged product or a product that does not match the product you actually ordered, then we first apologize for that. Please inform us immediately (by email to our customer service service@HIKARI.co.il) that you received a damaged product or a product that does not match the product you ordered. We will make sure to coordinate with you the return of the defective product and we will also make sure to credit the full amount you paid for it.

For more details on the “return and cancellation policy” please refer to the website’s regulations.


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