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Privacy Policy

The HIKARI website jealously guards your privacy!
HIKARI respects your privacy, and is committed to keeping secret all the information you enter on the website while using it.

Are my personal details confidential?

It is important that you know that all your personal details (name, e-mail, etc.) and any other sensitive information are encrypted before being saved in the site’s database. And more importantly your secret passwords are encrypted one-way.
Your personal details encrypted in the site’s databases can be viewed by you and you can make changes to them as you wish. It is only important that while making changes to your details, you do not accidentally type in wrong information or delete essential information, which will prevent HIKARI from providing you with your orders.

Your personal details are used by the HIKARI website to complete your purchase of products and for their quick delivery only. In addition, the website monitors various movements of its customers without identifying a particular customer, and this is only in order to collect statistics that will help HIKARI improve the service to its customers.
The HIKARI website undertakes not to transfer your personal information to any other party. This is except in cases where it is necessary to transfer certain details (for example: name and residential address) to the supplier of a product you have purchased (for example: for the purpose of issuing a warranty certificate for that product) or to the Israel Post or the shipping company, and this is only to complete the purchase and delivery of that product.

However, the HIKARI website operates according to the law in the State of Israel. Otherwise, if any of the site’s customers commits an illegal action that may harm the site or other site customers or any third party, or if the site is required by a court order and subject to the law to transfer the customer’s information to a third party, the site will cooperate with the law. This may lead to the handing over of customer information.

What about my credit card information?

In any case, your credit card details are not stored in the site’s database and are not accessible to the employees of the HIKARI site and the employees of the company that operates the site.

The payment by credit card is actually carried out in the clearing system of Tranzilla (the leading Internet clearing company in Israel) which complies with the PCI-DSS security standard and is protected by secure and encrypted SSL communication.
For more on credit card security, see the “Safe Purchase” chapter

I can also contribute to the protection of my personal information!

To remind you, the HIKARI site operates in an online environment, and you can do a lot to protect your information with a simple action. All that is required of you is to keep secret the password you chose to enter your account on the website. HIKARI recommends that you periodically change your password on the website, in order to reduce the risk that a stranger who saw you enter your password will enter your account.

Also, the HIKARI website uses a mechanism known as cookies that allows you to automatically log into your HIKARI account from your personal computer. No, if you have finished surfing the site, it is recommended that you make sure to exit in an orderly fashion when you are done browsing. An orderly exit is done by clicking the “Logout” button (located in the “My Account” menu).

And if I want to remove my details from the website?

No problem! If you want to remove (delete) your details from the site, all you have to do is send us an email to customer service at service@hikari.co.il with a request to remove / delete your details, and we will perform a delete operation for your personal details from the site’s database.
You can also request partial removal of the details, as for example: request “remove” from the site’s mailing lists, thus preventing the user from sending you newsletters (by email or text message) about activities and promotions on the site.
For more details on “Privacy Policy” refer to the website regulations.

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