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Terms & Conditions

  1. Browsing and use of this website, including all the various services that are provided or will be provided on it or through it from time to time, if provided, (“the website”) by Hikari Laboratories Ltd. 514464874 (hereinafter – the “operator”) are subject to the instructions , to the terms and obligations listed below. The visitor to the website (“the user”) agrees by the very act of visiting and/or using it to the conditions detailed below and undertakes to act according to them.

2.1 Unless explicitly stated otherwise, everything that appears on the website, including the design, contents, information, data, software, applications, interfaces, computer code, publications, diagrams, photographs, graphic files, sound, image, video and any other content that appears on it (“the contents”), belong to the operator, and are protected according to intellectual property laws in Israel and/or abroad


2.2 You may not copy, transmit, distribute, photograph, reproduce, publish, display publicly or change, in exchange or not, the contents, all or in part, without the express consent of the operator in writing, all in accordance with and subject, among other things, to the copyright law, the “8-2007, to the Copyright Ordinance, to the Trademarks Ordinance [new version], 1972, and to other intellectual property laws.

2.3 The trademarks that appear on the website, to the extent that they appear, belong to the operator and they must not be used in any way that might infringe on his rights.

2.4 These terms of use do not grant the user or any other entity intellectual property rights or other rights in the website or the contents, and the user will not take any action that may harm the bank’s rights in them..

  1. General information displayed on the site, its scope, availability and up-to-dateness, as well as the structure of the site, including how it is used, the applications, interfaces, etc., and any other aspect related to them, can be changed according to the operator’s decision without any need for prior notice. The operator reserves the right to change the regulations This and these participation rules from time to time. Only the rules that will be published in the site’s regulations will oblige the performers of the operations on the site in accordance with the wording that existed on the site at the time of making the purchase.
  2. The operator does not guarantee that the site’s services will not be interrupted, stopped or interrupted and that they will be immune from damages, breakdowns, failures or malfunctions, and everything – in hardware, software, communication, with the operator or one of its suppliers or with whom the site refers the user to, and for any reason whatsoever. The user confirms that he is aware of this and takes into account that the website services may not be available whenever he needs them, or may not be available at all, or that their availability may be partial, limited or problematic, or that the services may not function as required or that they may not be able to provide him with the data he requests or perform the the actions he would like to perform. The types of actions that can be performed on the site may be limited at the discretion of the operator.
  3. Some of the content presented on the website is content provided by third parties, and/or published to the public. The operator has no responsibility for these contents and in fact the reference to the websites of those third parties or the presentation of the contents provided by them does not constitute an assumption of responsibility by the operator for these contents.
  4. Links to websites that do not belong to the operator are provided only as comments offering information that may be of interest to the user. The operator should not be seen as agreeing or supporting, explicitly or implicitly, the opinions, information or services found on these websites, or as confirming the correctness of what is said in them, by the very existence of these links. The operator has no control over websites that are not his own and is not responsible, either explicitly or implicitly, for their content, completeness or suitability to the user’s needs. The operator is not responsible for the copyrights or rights of third parties on the websites to which it enables a link from the website or in the content that appears on them.
  5. The content, including content published by the operator or someone on his behalf, should not be considered an offer, solicitation or intention to carry out transactions and/or provide a service and should not be considered a recommendation, advice or opinion regarding the advisability of purchasing the products and/or to be an alternative to professional advice by a doctor or any other professional, and acting based on the contents will not necessarily yield the desired result.
  6. The user knows that the ability and ability of these or other products to influence and/or perform the actions attributed to them, may be affected by the user’s health and/or mental state and/or by such or other medicinal treatments that the user is taking and/or is supposed to take and therefore If the user chooses to purchase this or that product, he declares that he knows and agrees that he will be considered as the one who did and checked with all the relevant parties the feasibility and/or possibility of taking the product by him and that he does so after checking all the consequences that taking the product may cause him and that he does not He and/or his heirs will have any claim and/or claim and/or demand of any kind and type against the operator for purchasing the product and using it.
  7. The user agrees that the operator may but does not have to store and/or save the contents, collect information about the user’s browsing on the website and its use and analyze it for his business needs, and that the information may be stored in the operator’s databases and used for making decisions regarding the provision of services in the future.


  1. The operator will be entitled to transfer information regarding the user if the transfer of the information is required by law and/or is required for the purpose of maintaining an essential public interest and/or is necessary for the protection of an essential interest of the operator and/or is intended for the benefit of the user in connection with whom the website is used.
  2. The purchase on the website requires filling out an order form. The user confirms that the delivery of the details in this form is done by him of his own free will and with his consent. And filling out the form by him constitutes confirmation of his consent to the delivery of the details. The delivery of the details and the actual placing of the order will serve as decisive proof of the user’s final decision regarding the purchase of the product.
  3. The operator confirms that the purchase on the website using credit cards is a secure purchase. However, the operator does not save the credit card data in its systems, and the data is saved in external systems that are protected at a high level. In any case, the delivery of the credit card information by the user on the website constitutes an exemption from liability for the operator towards the user in the event of cases beyond the control of the operator and/or resulting from force majeure, and the operator will not be responsible for any damage of any kind, indirect or direct, caused to the user and/or anyone on his behalf If this information is lost or if it is used unauthorized.
  4. If you have chosen to join our customer club, we will be entitled to send you from time to time by e-mail or SMS. Information about services, content, promotions and offers that may be of interest to you, as well as marketing and advertising information.

At any time you may cancel your selection and stop receiving the information by using one of two ways: clicking on the “remove from the distribution list” button attached to the body of the message or sending a removal request to a dedicated email: [email protected]. The mailing system is managed by an automatic “bot”, therefore do not reply to the email address from which it was sent, the removal will be carried out within 7 business days. In any case, your details will not be given to third parties.

  1. These terms of use, their interpretation and anything and everything related to them or arising from them, including the information found on the website, the user’s access to it and its use, shall be exclusively governed by the laws of the State of Israel. The unique place of jurisdiction for all matters in connection with these terms of use is determined exclusively by the competent court in the city of Tel Aviv.


  1. Do not use the site where its use is not permitted according to local law. Your attention to the fact that it is possible that the use of the contents, reliance on them and action according to them may be limited and even illegal according to the laws of different countries, therefore every user must check, before using the contents, if according to the law applicable to him the site can be used and what is the permitted manner of use.
  2. The information contained on the website is not intended to be used as an invitation to make offers or as an offer to anyone in a jurisdiction outside the State of Israel, if the applicable law prohibits offering or responding to such an offer, or the operator is not allowed to offer or respond to such an offer.


  1. Making a purchase on the website and/or entering the website and/or browsing the website by the user constitutes conclusive evidence of his agreement to the provisions of these regulations and rules of use. The user and/or those who carry and follow in his shoes will not have any claim and/or claim against the operator and the website owner and/or anyone on their behalf except for claims related to the violation of the operator’s obligations in this regulation. The operator reserves the right not to allow access to the website and/or purchase on it to those who violate the provisions of the regulations and/or make inappropriate use of the website and/or its data
  2. Cancellations and returns


18.1 The user declares and confirms that he knows that according to the Consumer Protection Law, 1981-1981 and the regulations established pursuant to it, it is not possible to cancel a transaction for products that meet the following definitions: food products, medicines and nutritional supplements. Therefore, for these products, the shipping fees are non-refundable, as well as fees Shipping for returned products will be the responsibility of the user.

18.2 Notwithstanding the above, should a product arrive at the user by mistake and/or when it is damaged, the shipping fees will be returned to the user either by a credit for reuse on the site or by an actual monetary refund – at the choice of the operator. Should a product reach the user damaged and/or broken as a result of the shipment, the user must notify the operator immediately and no later than 24 hours from the date of receipt of the shipment. Said notice will be given in writing by email to [email protected]. A photo must be attached for the purpose of proving the defect and/or an explanation of the product received by the user. The broken / damaged item must be kept and returned to the operator as required. The operator will send another item against the damaged item. Delay in reporting a defect in a supplied item will void the user’s right to receive a replacement item.

18.3 It will be emphasized that the operator does everything in his power to ensure that such malfunctions do not arise.


18.4 A product that does not meet what is stated in section 16.1 above may be returned to the operator provided that the product is returned to the operator within 14 days of its receipt, closed, unused and in its original packaging. Controls as stated in this section, shipping fees will not be refunded. In any case, subject to the provisions of this section, the transaction cancellation fee will be a minimum rate of NIS 75 or 5% of the transaction value, whichever is lower.

18.5 The cost of collecting a product from the customer is NIS 50

18.6 The operator reserves the right to stop at any time, at its sole discretion, the activity on the site and/or to cancel a sale (before or after its closing), including but not limited to, in any of the cases listed below:

18.6.1 Due to improper use of the website, including illegal use, use that interferes with the use of others, publication and distribution of commercial, offensive, insulting, immoral content or due to use that is inconsistent with these terms of use and/or any law (“Content invalid”).

186.2. In the case of force majeure, acts of war, hostility or terrorism that, in the opinion of the operator, prevent the continued operation of the website.

18.6.3 In any case of a technical malfunction and/or in any case where a mistake has been made in the item sold on the website, including its description and/or price.

18.6.4 It was and will become clear to the operator after making a purchase of a product that the product has sold out and/or cannot be obtained. Controls stated in this section, the payment will be returned to the user. For exchanges, the operator will be entitled to offer the user a replacement product equivalent to the ordered product, when the user has the right to choose whether to receive the replacement product or not. If the user chooses not to receive the replacement product – his money will be forfeited.


18.6.5. If the operator has exercised his right as stated in section 1e, the user will not have any claim, claim and/or demand against him of any kind and type, etc.

  1. The information on the website should not be considered as medical information or medical recommendation. Before any use of the product sold on the website, including but not limited to food supplements and/or medicine and/or Teva products, etc., you must consult a doctor or other professional and review the consumer leaflet. You must act only according to the instructions. Do not rely on the information provided on the website because of a promise of any result and/or responsibility for the operation of the products sold on it. The website will not be responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, that will be caused to the user as a result of relying on information that appears on the website and/or links to other websites and/or any internal information source/ Other external and/or use of products sold by him.


  1. It should be emphasized that all the products offered for purchase on the site are completely new, in their original packaging and they benefit from the warranty and service accepted in the market.

21.. a. Ordering products will be processed until 36 hours have passed from the date of ordering (excluding Saturdays, holidays and Saturdays).

  1. Orders are handled during the pharmacy’s business hours, while orders received after 4:00 p.m. on a weekday will be handled the next day. There are no deliveries on weekends and holidays (Thursday from 16:00 until Sunday morning).

third. The price indicated on the website is for delivery by registered mail up to a weight of 2 kg for delivery.

  1. If the weight of the product exceeds 2 kg, the delivery will be made by a courier to the customer’s home according to the price that will appear on the website for this delivery.

God. The shipment will be sent in a well-packed and closed carton or in a sealed package while maintaining the privacy of the orderer/recipient.

and. The recipient must present an ID.

  1. If there was and will be a shortage of the ordered product, either as a result of a lack of stock at the pharmacy or as a result of an out-of-stock at the supplier/manufacturer/importer, which will not allow compliance with the above-mentioned schedules, the customer will be informed by phone or by email/text message. However, it will be clarified that the operator will not be Responsible for any delay and/or delay in delivery and/or non-delivery caused by a shortage of any product on the site.
  2. The orderer declares and confirms that he is aware that in the event that the order is for non-prescription drugs, the courier / delivery person must verify that the recipient of the shipment is over 16 years of age and that the recipient has and will not be able to present an ID document proving his age. The recipient will not present an identification document, the shipment will not be delivered and the customer will not have any claim and/or claim and/or demand against the operator.

ninth. . Regarding products that will be sent by mail – the pharmacy is not responsible for the delivery date of products that are sent by mail and the customer cannot come to the pharmacy with any claim and/or demand and/or claim for a delay in the delivery of the product originating from the Israel Post, including strikes and/or embargoes of employees The mail, etc. In the event that there is a delay as mentioned, the orderer will not be able to cancel his order.

  1. To the extent that the delivery (whether by mail or by courier) will be made to security-restricted and/or remote areas – the customer will not have any claim and/or claim and/or demand against the pharmacy for delays in receiving the product and will not even be entitled to cancel the His order. If, according to the delivery company’s policy, the place of residence of the orderer is in a place where the courier company does not carry out deliveries, then the orderer’s only remedy will be his right to cancel the order and receive his money back without any right to any other relief and/or compensation.
  2. The minimum order on the website with a courier is 70 NIS, any order below this amount will be sent by registered mail only


  1. All prices on the site are exclusive to the site only.


  1. The operator’s data processing computer records regarding the actions carried out through the website will be conclusive and decisive evidence of the correctness of the actions and the details of the actions.


  1. The terms of use of the website are worded in the masculine language for convenience only and refer to both men and women.


  1. The images on the website are for illustration only, there may be changes in the product packaging.
  2. The user undertakes to follow changes in these terms of use and regulations.
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