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Who we are

Hikari Laboratories is a leading company in the field of research and development of medical aesthetic products and professional cosmetics. The company’s scientists, together with a team of award-winning scientists from the Hebrew University, have worked on developments that have yielded unique patents in the field of aging prevention. These inventions are a real breakthrough, bringing the world of cosmetics to the next generation of anti-aging. No more treatment for the symptoms of aging such as wrinkles, sagging skin, pigmentation, but real treatment for aging itself. In this activity the company is a pioneer on a global scale. In this way, the company manages to provide its customers over time with the most effective and advanced products in the world of cosmetics. Preparations that are designed to reach the deep layers of the skin and treat the underlying problems of skin aging.

The company develops and markets cosmetic preparations and mesotherapy devices for the professional market (doctors and beauticians). The company soon acquired the status of the leading company in this field, groundbreaking and innovative. The products marketed by the company and registered under the trademarks Meso-Cocktail and Meso-Roller, have become names of quality brands in the market.

Innovative treatments

The Hikari company develops modern technologies in the field of mesotherapy, and has a reputation as a leading, groundbreaking and innovative company.

The MESO-COCKTAILS series provides a variety of options and provides a customized solution for advanced mesotherapy treatments.

All meso-cocktails contain the NFMC-30 mesotherapy complex.

The complex is the basis of the product formulas, and is found in high concentrations in meso-cocktails. The complex is unique both in the composition of their active ingredients and concentrations, and due to the innovative formula that allows them to be packed in tiny capsules. The ingredients in the complex provide a balanced composition of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and other substances that together constitute the “food of the skin”.

advanced technologies

Hikari incorporates state-of-the-art technology developed by the company’s scientists to introduce active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin.

Israeli researchers, chemists and biologists have been working on the development of the technology for years.
In the development of the products, emphasis was placed on the maximum penetration capacity of active ingredients in depth
The skin, in order to provide immediate and long-lasting proven results.
Over 150 active ingredients, which will be carefully imported and selected by Hikari Labs experts in order to combat the aging process of the skin.

Unique series

The product series of Hikari Laboratories are based on the most innovative developments in the field of anti-aging. The company’s products are designed to reach the deep layers of the skin and treat the underlying problems of skin aging.

The “Spring of Youth” series is based on the company’s exclusive patent in the field of aging prevention and life expectancy extension, a product of fruitful cooperation between the company’s laboratories and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The series is based on the benefits of the revolutionary molecule Nicotinamide Riboside NR known in the field of longevity longevity and also in the ability to improve concentration, metabolism, sleep quality and more.

Personal and professional accompaniment

Every beautician and doctor who joins the Hikari family receives professional guidance and support by the company’s training department. The instructor accompanies the beautician all the way and the professional growth. Questions, tips and tutorials are a matter of routine.

The company brings together the latest knowledge in the field and conducts ongoing training for doctors and beauticians.

Seminars and enrichment

Throughout the year, the professional audience receives an invitation to seminars and enrichment on various professional topics. The seminars are accompanied by written and organized material and fascinating lectures from the leaders in the field. New research, groundbreaking raw materials and therapeutic methods are just some of the topics that Hikari doctors and beauticians are exposed to.

Marketing support

Marketing support is an integral part of our support package, from posts to Instagram and Facebook, our participation in TV shows and sponsorship of beauty and aesthetics events. All of these have made the “HIKARI LABORATORIES” brand one of the most coveted brands among customers, which makes it easier for beauticians and doctors and empowers them at the stage of adjusting the products, selling and adjusting the treatment system for patients.

Business support

Empowering the business of every beautician and doctor is part of our regular endeavor. Preparation of a business plan, as well as running open days, customer events and more.

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