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Cleansing gel that gives radiance to your skin

This minty fresh gel is based on fruit acids that provide a soft exfoliating effect on 3 levels: Glycolic acid for the deeper level, lactic acid on the medium level, and salicylic acid on the surface level. The gel enhances the radiance of your skin, deeply cleanses it, and provides a feeling of freshness throughout the day. Excellent for mix-oily skin, suitable for all skin types.

Apply onto damp skin avoiding direct contact with your eyes. Massage for 2-3 minutes. If you are applying the gel in the morning, rinse with cool water to help you wake up easily. In the evening, rinse with warm water to relax and carefully remove the remnants of cosmetics. The gel is suitable for daily use.

  • ELLAGIC ACID – Strengthens the cell membranes and prevents moisture loss.
  • ROSEMARY EXTRACT- A source of 12 types of antioxidants. Improves blood circulation, increases the vitality of the tissues, and enhances the protective properties of your skin.
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