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Comprehensive anti-aging care for the skin around your eyes

A comprehensive solution to the problem of aging skin around your eyes. The cream smoothens wrinkles, firms eyelid skin, and removes the signs of weariness and stress. It promotes cellular renewal and regenerates, and tones your skin. In addition, it restores skin elasticity, smoothens skin surface, and improves your skin tone and firmness

With soft tapping movements, apply the cream onto your cleansed skin around the eyes in the morning and in the evening. For an enhanced lifting effect, keep the cream refrigerated.

  • HIGHLY ACTIVE GROWTH COMPLEX – From the extracts of silk tree and Ethiopian Siegesbeckia. It has a firming effect on sagging upper eyelids, and reduces the effect of “crow’s feet”.
  • HALOXYL – An exclusive biologically active complex of bioflavonoids and peptides, normalizes venous and lymphatic circulation and eliminates the swelling of the lower eyelid.
  • BONT-L PEPTIDE – This combination of 6 amino acids has a similar function as Botox injections. It prevents the transmission of nerve impulses to the facial muscles, and thus smoothens out the mimetic wrinkles.
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