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Intensively modelling anti-cellulite body gel

A powerful combination of Caffeine, Horse Chestnut Extract, Gotu Kola Extract, Curcumin, Artichoke Extract, Rosemary Extract, and algae complex that improves skin tonicity and elasticity, inhibits the formation of new fat cells, and reduces the signs of cellulite. The light, dedicate texture is well distributed and quickly absorbed.

Use daily. For buttock massage, use circular movements. When applying the cream to the abdomen, start with the area around the navel, massaging first the left and then the right side, then continue to the thighs. Work out the inner part and massage your legs with upward movements. Apply from bottom to top.

  • CENTELLA ASIATICA EXTRACT – Has a powerful anti-cellulite property; removes lymphatic congestion, improves blood circulation, increases the elasticity of connective tissue.
  • HORSE CHESTNUT EXTRACT – Has pronounced anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties.
  • ARTICHOKE EXTRACT – Thanks to its cleansing action, it stimulates the outflow of lymph and prevents water retention in the tissues, reduces swelling and a feeling of heaviness.
  • CAFFEINE AND COLA EXTRACT – Promotes decomposition of fat in the cells (fat cells).
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