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Refreshing daily facial cleanser

The iconic cleanser for all skin conditions contains naturally-foaming ingredients, and gently rinses away toxins and debris to leave skin feeling smooth and clean. It’s infused with antioxidant-rich Green Tea, Pomegranate and Witch Hazel to fight environmental stressors. Chamomile soothes redness. Salicylic Acid encourages rapid cell turnover.

The product contains patented NAD-NOBEL™️; HIKARI Laboratories’ exclusive longevity ingredient developed by the company scientists, together with scientists from the Hebrew University. NAD-NOBEL™️ imparts several benefits to the skin, including uniform complexion, smoother skin, diminished wrinkles, and visible lifting effect.

Apply a small amount of cleansing gel over moistened skin with the fingertips. Work into a rich foamy lather and massage gently for two minutes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and gently pat dry.

  • Trifolium Pratense – Minimizes pores and rebalances skin conditions that are responsible for pore enlargement.
  • Billygoat plum- A strong antioxidant, provides the skin with a healthy glow.
  • Marine Red Microalgae – Reduces skin sensitivity and provides a strongly soothing effect.
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