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A powerful vitamin cream to “recharge your batteries” while you sleep

An intensive vitamin cream with a rejuvenating and refreshing effect to influence the deeper layers of your skin. Sets off recovery mechanisms, corrects age-related changes, and renews skin cells.

Apply the cream onto your cleansed dry skin 30 minutes before bedtime.

  • COPPER PEPTIDE GHK-CU- Speeds up the recovery process of your skin, prevents inflammatory processes and improves your skin elasticity.
  • STABLE FORM OF VITAMIN C – Fights your skin’s aging and elasticity loss. Contributes to enhanced collagen production providing your skin with elasticity.
  • VITAMINS A, B, E – Responsible for the natural flow of all vital processes in your skin. They activate your skin resources and improve the properties of your skin.
  • AMINO ACIDS + MINERALS- Improve the water, protein, and ionic balance of your skin.
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